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Book a private consultation with Robyn and learn how to attract healthy, lasting love into your life. "Healthy love is easy. You know he chose you and he's not going anywhere. He doesn't need to be reminded that you exist. Even apart, you are always in his thoughts and in his heart." Learn more...

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Want the secret to getting his commitment? It's all about your energy. "Men feel and acknowledge their love for you more deeply when you allow them space to reflect. For most men, love happens in the spaces in between being together. This is hard for women to understand, because love begins for us during periods of togetherness." Learn more...

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Learn how to rock The Rules your own way. Date for marriage and lasting love at any age. Maintaining healthy boundaries in your relationships is a life choice. You've got to keep it real to unlock your inner Dream Girl. If you're just "playing games" you may turn off the very men you wish to attract.  Be yourselfonly better. Learn more... 


"I love your blog! I wish I'd learned this stuff years ago." See why Robyn's dating and relationship advice blog is followed by thousands of loyal readers. Explore Robyn's blog and subscribe to her free newsletter for blog updates and special offers and content. Learn more...


DL 1961 Premium Denim
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Robyn Wahlgast is a happily married mother of three who has been helping single women find lasting love and marriage for over a decade. She is a Rules Certified Dating and Relationship Coach for Women. A Southerner by birth, Robyn's corporate career has taken her from Manhattan to Santa Monica, and she currently resides in the Midwest with her family. Robyn truly understands the unique challenges that single women face in every part of the country. Learn more...

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Robyn's advice has been syndicated in FOX News Magazine, Divorced Singles News, and Advice.com. She is a featured dating and relationship expert at YourTango.com and a proud member of The Wellness Universe

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