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“He PROPOSED!! I am so happy and my kids are too, they love him. It's just like in The Rules book because he is already talking about what kind of wedding we should have and he is so into it!! The proposal was so romantic….” 

C.J. in Overland Park, KS (age 41)


“He insisted on MOVING UP the wedding date(!) and now we are planning a destination wedding in January because he doesn't want to wait until June, lol!! My father is so thrilled that [my fiancé] actually got down on one knee and proposed in such a traditional way and seems so in love. Dad says this is a great sign and that he really cherishes me. THANK YOU for all the advice, and tell everyone that The Rules really work!!” 

Tori in Bloomfield Hills, MI (age 26)


"I told my friends you are the dating after divorce guru! I still can't believe all that I got in our one phone call. The changes you made to my eHarmony and Match profiles have made such a difference. I'm getting quality dates and actually having fun. I was really depressed to find myself divorced at 33 but now I feel confident and on track to start over with a great guy."

heather IN CINCINNATI, OH (AGE 34)


"Robyn is ABSOLUTELY the dating coach that other coaches go to for advice. She really understands male-female relationships. I'm a relationship and life coach myself, but everyone needs help sometime, and I'm glad a friend referred me to her. Even though I'm a guy—ha. Now I am married to the love of my life, and we are expecting our first child!" 



“I’ve been out of touch but I wanted to write and tell you that we got married six months ago!! Thank you for helping me through it all. I never would have made it without your advice….” 

Véronique in Sarasota, FL (age 35)


“I can’t believe you got to the heart of my questions so quickly—you really understand where I’m coming from. Thank you for your wise words. I feel at peace because now I know what to do next….”

Marta in Binghamton, NY (age 40)


“When I first wrote to you I'd given up on online dating—I wasn't meeting decent guys. My current guy and I have been dating for 4 months. He has said he loves me, and he brings up marriage all the time. I am letting him lead, and because I’m not insecure and pestering him all the time about “how does he feel” or “where is this going”, etc., I know he is really happy, too.”      

—Ashley in West Hollywood, CA (age 38)


"When my husband left me two years ago I was completely shellshocked. I had absolutely no idea how to date. I made every mistake you can make in that first year. I was desperately lonely, insecure, and eager to please. I scared away every normal man in my orbit, and attracted a fair number of gold diggers.  THANK YOU for lifting me out of that rut and setting me on the right path. I like how you redid my eHarmony and match.com profiles. I am attracting much higher quality men, and I no longer feel desperate or nervous.  Things are even better with my ex! His head games don’t bother me, and I can tell he has more respect for the "new me" that he can’t manipulate. Thank you!!!"

—Carla in Hilton Head, SC (age 62)


“You know I'm a model and have no problem meeting guys. But I want to get married, and have children some day, not just be someone’s trophy girl at a club. It never occurred to me that I am “easy” and not a challenge. I just thought that if they pursue me, and buy me nice things, they love me. (Dumb, I know!) Now I see that I have been wasting time with a lot of men who will never propose to me. Thank you for opening my eyes!”

—Ananya in Brooklyn, NY (age 22)


If you are interested in attracting lasting, healthy love, consider   booking a private consultation   with Robyn. 

If you are interested in attracting lasting, healthy love, consider booking a private consultation with Robyn. 

So many of my clients have since married that I've created New Direction Marriage Advice! Book your consultation, and send a message to NewDirectionMarriage@Gmail.com
— Robyn